NYC Outfits And Photo Diary

26 junio 2015|LOOKS, My NY: New York City Guide, TRAVELLING|24 Comments

City cowgirl

9 junio 2015|LOOKS|51 Comments

Pink Palette

26 mayo 2015|LOOKS|30 Comments

Fringed Look

16 abril 2015|LOOKS|26 Comments

A Walk In The Vineyard

6 abril 2015|LOOKS|53 Comments

Cool Khaki

31 marzo 2015|LOOKS|34 Comments

Free People

30 marzo 2015|LOOKS|34 Comments

Grunge Look

25 marzo 2015|LOOKS|32 Comments

Khaki and Beige Look

20 marzo 2015|LOOKS|52 Comments

Floral Trench

5 marzo 2015|LOOKS|46 Comments