#TrendyTasteTutorials : Maquillaje Natural

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Perfect Day Review

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G’Vine giveaway!!

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1898 review & REC08 experience

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Style Tips around the city with Stradivarius

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Blogueros TV

12 diciembre 2013|TV, VIDEO, Videos|23 Comments

¡Hola otra vez! En este segundo post del día quiero compartir con vosotros el reportaje/entrevista que hice con Blogueros TV. Un nuevo programa que dedica cada capítulo a conocer a las personas que están detrás de blogs de diferentes campos: deportes, viajes, moda, cocina…¡MUY MUY RECOMENDABLE!

Lo presenta el genial, inigualable e inimitable Molo Cebrián (@molo_cebrian).


24 febrero 2013|VIDEO, Videos|67 Comments

Hi there! Today I have a little surprise. I´m super excited to show you the fisrt video we have recorded for the blog. I decided to gave myself some gifts to make videos: a tripod and new lens for my camera. That way I will be able to make tutorials and much more 😉 We


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Be Casual & Video Look

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Embroidery Rules

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