Welcome to my new place!

6 noviembre 2012|HOME, LOOKS|99 Comments

I really felt like being able to show you the new face of my blog. After a couple of weeks working on it, today it finally comes to light. As you can see, we’ve changed the whole design and appearence, making me feel the blog as something much more mine, but without losing its essence.

Embroidery Rules

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Sweat Sweat Sweat

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The Dress in the Box

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Tramp The City

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Love your Nails

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And the winner is…

13 septiembre 2012|GIVEAWAYS, HOME|22 Comments

¡Ya tenemos ganadora del sorteo de Au Revoir Cinderella!
La verdad es que ha tenido récord absoluto de participantes, me alegro mucho de que os haya gustado.
Para los que no habéis tenido suerte no hay de que preocuparse, muy pronto habrá más sorpresas…
¡Enhorabuena a Irene por ser  la ganadora de los Jeffrey Campbell y un beso