Lipsticks Report

19 junio 2014|BEAUTY, MAKE-UP|44 Comments

Rita Ora x Rimmel Party & Giveaway!

18 mayo 2014|BEAUTY, EVENTS, MAKE-UP|58 Comments

Bershka Make-up Tutorial & Giveaway

10 abril 2014|BEAUTY, GIVEAWAYS, MAKE-UP|87 Comments

Astor Giveaway!

10 marzo 2014|GIVEAWAYS, MAKE-UP|82 Comments

Dior Make-up Masterclass

28 febrero 2014|BEAUTY, EVENTS, MAKE-UP|106 Comments

BB Creams War

21 febrero 2013|BEAUTY, MAKE-UP|91 Comments

Good morning everybody! Today I’m coming with a different kind of post, hope you enjoy it! The people from Beautips (a very nice web with plenty of tricks, advices and beauty tutorials) have sent me a BB Creams selection and I’ve been trying them all these last days, I needed to meet this year’s biggest

Love your Nails

21 septiembre 2012|BEAUTY, HOME, MAKE-UP|55 Comments

Make Up by H&M

26 agosto 2012|BEAUTY, HOME, MAKE-UP|62 Comments

Trendy Taste for Givenchy

15 agosto 2012|BEAUTY, HOME, MAKE-UP|27 Comments

I´m so excited to show you the final result of a super funny shooting I made for Givenchy some weeks ago. We took some pictures of beauty showing the step by step to get this awesome make up. Notice the lacquer effect of my lips, awesome!!! You can easily get two different looks. First is

Be Iconic

19 abril 2012|BEAUTY, MAKE-UP|25 Comments